Riders in the Sky
March 13, 1999, Helotes, Texas
Attended by Gary

Pictures here
Show #3917

Flores Country Store and Honky-tonk is in Helotes about 9 mile from San Antonio. It is a large dance hall that seats 500 and can get 200 more in standing. It also has and outdoor stage but it was to cold for some people so they had it inside. The outdoor concerts can hold up to about 3000. The town itself is really only a one mile long street. But they have all the big names there. Merle Haggard holds the record for the largest crowd at about 2500. Goerge Jones is supposed to be there at the end of the month if he is out of the hospital and feeling ok to do a concert so soon after his illness.

I got to the concert before RITS even got there. They arrived at 4:00 pm 4 hours before the concert. I help Woody and Too Slim with the backing in of the motorhome. The Southwind needed some work to repair the step that are used to get in and out of the motorhome. So while Too Slim and Joey got the stage set up to do their sound check I helped Woody for about 45 min. repair the step. Before all that happened, right after they had parked the Southwind, I gave Woody and Too Slim copies of poems I wrote for each of the guys Joey to. I took the letters of each of there names and wrote a poem. Too Slim mentioned that they may put them in their next Newsletter. They really liked them. Now just before I list all the songs the Guys did let me tell you about one other neat thing that happened. Before the guys went on stage Woody went up and got his fiddle to take to the back and as he walked by me he patted me on the shoulder. And he did the same has he was coming back on stage after the Guys had a fifteen minute brake between sets. Neat?

Well the show started a 8:00pm with a local group called "Daddy Rabbit" They were good but not my kind of music.

Then at 9:30 RITS came on. This was show 3917 the songs were: 1. Texas Plains 2. How the yodel was Born 3. Wahoo 4. Cool Water 5. Palindrome 6. Farr Away Stomp 7. Malaguena 8. Sioux City Sue 9. Phantom of the Chuckwagon 10. Hoop-de-do 11. Rawhide/Bowling 12. Cowboy Camp Meeting 13. The Alamo ( From there Davy Crooket album that Ranger Doug stated would be out this summer) 14. Anne Lori/Irish and Scottish tunes 15. Down the San Antonio Trail 16. The Arms of My Love 17. One More Ride Break time

Second set

18. Pinto Pal 19. 160 acres 20. Nation wide mobile home theme song 21. Cherokee 22. Texas Sands (Joey) 23. Questions the question that won the 8-track was "what are your day jobs" 24. They call my beans ma-rya 25. Request time they did all the songs at once and ended with Surfin'USA 26. Yellow Rose of Texas 27. Cattle Call 28. Ghost Riders in the Sky 29. Welcome Matt 30. Big money routine 31. That's Amore 32. a Polka number 33. Streets of Laredo 34. Something Blues 35. Fastest Accordion in the West 36. Pacos Bill 37. Blue Shadows on the Trail 38. Santa Fe 39. Don't Fence Me In 40. Navajo Trail 41. Skyball Paint 42. Happy Trails.

After saying thank you and good night some people got up and started to leave then they came back and sang 43. Loony Tunes 44. You are my Sunshine and finished the concert with 45. Tumblin' Tumbleweed.

After the concert I waited and had all the guys sign my hat for the second time. Last time was concert 3816 this time was 3917 and I think I have a one of a kind signature from Woody. He signed my hat way way way different then I have ever seen him do it just to be different he said. I even managed to get one of the posters from the show! yippy i hey coyote WAHOO!!! I headed home at 1:00am and got home about 4:30am stopping for gas and something to eat to keep me awake.

Well hope you all enjoy this.

Gary or Old Buckaroo



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